Suppliers: major partners for Safran Power Units

Safran Power Units builds a sustainable and balanced relationship with its competitive and innovative suppliers. To be selected, they must meet strict requirements in terms of performance, know-how and technological innovations. Safran Power Units also supports them as part of an ongoing drive for improvement and shared growth.

The quality of Safran Power Units relations with its suppliers is one of the keys of its performance. These relations are established in accordance with Safran's core values, Code of Ethics and regulatory requirements.


The purchasing policy of Safran

Safran's purchasing policy is in line with its excellence and competitiveness objective, and entirely consistent with its industrial policy and its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy. In addition to the strictest requirements in the area of quality and respect for delivery times, the policy is reflected in long-term, balanced and profitable relationships between the Group and its suppliers.


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