Safran Power Units: the European leader in turbojet engines

Safran Power Units' engines are easily adapted to different applications:

  • Good resistance to air inlet distortion that allows use on high maintainability vectors (missiles application)
  • Availability of fuel control systems ranging from simple hydropneumatic fuel control to full- authority digital electronic control (FADEC),
  • The capacity for running on any type of kerosene, including new high-density, synthetic hydrocarbon fuels.
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TR 60-5


The TR 60-5 family is primarily used for applications of the drone or target drone type.

As such, this engine range powers most of the target drone in service in the united states within the US AirForce AFSAT program and the US NAVY SSAT Program.

Moreover, it perfectly meets the requirements for heavy missile applications such as the RBS 15Mk 3.

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