Starting Systems

Depending on the aircraft's architecture, power is transferred to the main motor either mechanically or pneumatically. Safran Power Units designs and manufactures a wide range of starters for both modes. It also makes valve systems for engine air turbine starters.
Safran Power Units provides the starting systems for TP400 engines on the Airbus Military A400M and SaM146 engines on Sukhoi's SuperJet 100.

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The ATS M air turbine starters are designed to start the two EJ200 jet engines (cooperation between MTU, Rolls-Royce, Avio and ITP) that power the Typhoon Eurofighter.

The Typhoon Eurofighter program consists of over 600 aircraft for the Air Forces of the four founding nations of the programme (United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain) and other non-European countries.

With its simple and robust design, the ATS M ensures that its users have all of the energy required for reliable and self-sufficient starting of the main engines.

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