Starting Systems

Depending on the aircraft's architecture, power is transferred to the main motor either mechanically or pneumatically. Safran Power Units designs and manufactures a wide range of starters for both modes. It also makes valve systems for engine air turbine starters.
Safran Power Units provides the starting systems for TP400 engines on the Airbus Military A400M and SaM146 engines on Sukhoi's SuperJet 100.

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Originally created for the Dassault Aviation Rafale aircraft, the Air Turbine Starter ATS-305 is designed to start the Safran Aircraft Engines M88 engines, from the intake air flow supplied by the Auxiliary Power Unit of the aircraft (Safran Power Units APU Rubis 3).

The ATS 305 starter can be used in harsh environments and has excellent operating reliability. It can also be integrated into single engine aircraft. Combined with the Rubis 3 Auxiliary Power Unit, this starter has the advantage of allowing a start on the ground autonomously and also in flight. It optimises the safety of the flight.

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