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The SG-18 smoke generator has been developed to provide, in a very short time, a visual camouflage or masking to protect sensitive sites and areas.

Current threats have highlighted the need for facilities to quickly camouflage sensitive sites.

The SG-18 smoke generator uses a smoke fluid, injected into the exhaust gases of a gas turbine, to produce a smoke screen and thus provide a visual camouflage or masking to protect a site against optical or laser guided weapon systems. The SG- 18 can generate a cloud with an adjustable density, or smoke screens in the infrared spectral range, by means of a dedicated additional device.

The SG-18 consists of a self-contained quick-setup module (less than 3 minutes preparation) and is designed to operate as a fixed unit or from a vehicle. It can operate from a static position to protect air bases or buildings, or dynamically (moving vehicle) to protect the deployment of personnel or vehicles.

The reliability of the SG18 system has been proven with over 300 units in deployment.

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