Auxiliary Power Units: Always at the cutting edge of innovation

Safran Power Units Auxiliary Power Units are compatible with all hosts, whatever the application: civil or military, air, land or sea.
Safran Power Units' different turbine families deliver up to 500 shp (shaft horse power) of electric, pneumatic or mechanical energy to match the specific needs of your programs.

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APU - SPU300

The SPU300 is a state-of-the-art electric and pneumatic power source designed for long range, high performance business jets.

Its unequalled power-to-weight ratio is the best in its class. The APU is able to operate unattended on the ground and in-flight. The SPU300's ability to provide power and main engine starting (MES) up to the aircraft's operating ceiling at over 50,000 ft. allows operators to maintain altitude, while other APUs require a drop in altitude of up to 20,000 ft.

The SPU300 is equipped with a leading edge control system, integrated with the aircraft systems so the aircraft can provide live feedback, enabling live troubleshooting and monitoring of key operating characteristics for preventive maintenance.

Key Advantages:

  • In-flight starting capability up above 50,000 ft.
  • Best in class power to weight ratio
  • Leading edge control system (FADEC) / Health monitoring capability


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