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Safran Power Units Auxiliary Power Units are compatible with all hosts, whatever the application: civil or military, air, land or sea.
Safran Power Units' different turbine families deliver up to 500 shp (shaft horse power) of electric, pneumatic or mechanical energy to match the specific needs of your programs.

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Opale 3

Opale 3

The Opale 3 Auxiliary Power Unit meets all of the needs in terms of secondary power in the M-346 training aircraft developed by Alenia Aermacchi.

The Opale 3 makes the aircraft totally self-sufficient for starting and ground operation, and contributes to operating safety by providing additional main engine restart capabilities in flight.

Its remarkable compactness, combined with a power output among the highest in Safran Power Units range, makes the Opale 3 an APU particularly suited for the most demanding applications, in terms of integration as well as performance.

In a small space, it delivers:

  • the pneumatic power that is essential for quickly starting the main engines,
  • the air-flow rate required to operate the air conditioning system of the cockpit and avionics,
  • the electrical power over the on-board network, supplying power to a number of items of aircraft equipment
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