Forthcoming certification of the Microturbo (Safran group) e-APU60

Orlando, USA – October 29th, 2012.

The test campaign of the Microturbo (Safran group) e-APU60 is progressing successfully towards its forthcoming civil certification. This new concept auxiliary power unit recently completed a 150-hour "block test". This important milestone confirms the reliability and endurance of this new system.

The e -APU60 certification is progressing according to schedule. To date, seven development engines have taken part in the ground tests, totalling more than 380 test hours.

The e -APU60 has just completed a 150-hour "block test", which is an important milestone in the certification process because this test is particularly rigorous: the engine operated at maximum speed and maximum exhaust gas temperature during the test in order to simulate extreme operating conditions compared to those encountered in normal commercial operation.

"These tests gave us the opportunity to validate the reliability and the endurance of this new energy source concept, meeting our expectations and those of our first customer, AgustaWestland. This milestone represents a significant step forward for the program." declared Pierre-Yves Morvan, CEO of Microturbo.

Since the beginning of the year, the e -APU60 has been undergoing parallel in-flight tests as part of AgustaWestland AW189 new-generation helicopter certification campaign. In addition to the ground start of the main engines, the power supply for the electrical systems and the cabin air conditioning, the e -APU60 is also capable of restarting the engines in flight (if needed), and of providing an additional source of power required to cover all electrical needs throughout the flight envelope. It therefore contributes to flight safety and will be certified in the essential category for civil operations.

The e -APU60, also designed for new-generation more-electric aircraft, is characterized by an excellent power-to-weight ratio, exceptional compactness, as well as an optimized reliability and cost of ownership.

EASA / FAA certification is expected in the 1st semester of 2013.


Microturbo, a company of the Safran group, is specialized in the design, development and manufacture of high-technology gas turbines. Based in Toulouse, France, Microturbo is a world leader in the field of propulsion systems and power systems and has delivered over 10,000 units.

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