A successful initial test phase for the Microturbo e-APU

Orlando - October 19, 2009.

The first results of the Microturbo's e-APU test campaign confirm the excellent general dynamic behavior of this new auxiliary power unit, specially designed to meet the requirements of new-generation business aircraft which will need more electrical power. A second machine has now been added to this test campaign, which is progressing at a good pace.

Since its successful test bed run on December 31st, 2009, the e-APU has now exceeded its nominal power and completed its fuel control adaptation tests, its thermal and dynamic behavior tests and also a part of the transient operation tests. Ground performance of the e-APU was observed in detail, using instrumentation to measure approximately one hundred test points. Analysis of the results confirms the excellent overall dynamic behavior of the unit, in compliance with objectives set during the design phase.

With its streamlined architecture comprising two axial turbine stages and a high pressure cycle based on proven technologies developed within the Safran group, the e-APU breaks new ground in terms of endurance, reliability, power-to-weight ratio and size. The e-APU also meets current environmental requirements and anticipates future standards, featuring impressively low fuel consumption, pollution and noise emission levels.

"Thanks to these initial test results, we are confidently pursuing this program
and strengthening our cooperation with business jet manufacturers
" declared
Jean-Baptiste Jarin, Microturbo sales director.

The e-APU has already been retained for two programs. Its complete certification and first production deliveries are scheduled for early 2012.

Microturbo, a Safran group company and subsidiary of Turbomeca, is specialized in the design, development and production of low power gas turbine systems. Its activity focuses on three product lines: auxiliary power units, turbojet engines for missiles and target drones, and starting systems.

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