Microturbo extends its product line to low-power jet engines

Toulouse – 14 April 2008

Microturbo continues to pursue its diversification strategy by expanding its product range to the TR-3, a new turbojet engine which develops 30 daN of thrust. With the TR-3, Microturbo now offers a thrust range of 30 to 600 daN.

The key features of the TR-3 are a streamlined architecture with a centrifugal compressor, a straight-flow combustor and a single-stage axial turbine. Although it shares a number of key technological features with other Microturbo turbojet engines, the TR 3 also integrates its own state-of-the-art technology, including not only a high-speed alternator (100,000 rpm) and a pyrotechnic igniter cartridge for virtually instant starting, but also innovative shaft bearings.

It is a highly compact unit (Length: 330 mm / Mass: 4 kg) which develops 30 daN of thrust, giving it a very high thrust-to-weight ratio. It also boasts an extended operating envelope of up to 30,000 ft, making it a perfect match for the current and futures requirements of expendable UAVs, target drones and missiles, which it can propel at speeds of up to Mach 0.8.

The TR-3 is the smallest turbojet engine proposed by Microturbo that is capable of operating under very harsh environmental conditions and is currently the only turbojet engine in its category to combine high performance, high quality and a large scale production capability without compromise.

Microturbo, a SAFRAN Group company and subsidiary of Turbomeca, is specialized in the design, development and production of low- to-medium-power gas turbine systems. Its activity focuses on three product lines: turbojet engines for missiles, target drones and unmanned aircraft, auxiliary power units, and starting systems.

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