Microturbo’s first production standard TR-40 turbojet engines delivered to MBDA

Toulouse – December 3, 2007

The first TR-40 / 263 turbojet engines were delivered to MBDA on November 30. The TR-40 / 263 equips the new Exocet Block III anti-ship missile.

Primarily designed to equip new generation anti-ship missiles, the TR-40 turbojet engine delivers from 250 to 340 daN of thrust. It also boasts an extended flight envelope of up to 19,700 ft. The TR-40 features exceptional starting capabilities, an excellent thrust/weight ratio, and a remarkable compactness.

The TR-40 turbojet engine has also been selected by Kongsberg D&A and MBDA to power the NSM missile.

Microturbo plans to produce more than 800 TR-40 turbojet engines in the years to come.

Microturbo, a SAFRAN Group company and subsidiary of Turbomeca, is specialized in the design, development and production of low- to-medium-power gas turbine systems. Its activity focuses on three product lines: turbojet engines for missiles, target drones and unmanned aircraft, auxiliary power units, and starting systems.

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