Microturbo launches its e-APU program for the business aircraft market

Atlanta – 25 September 2007.

At the 60th annual Convention of the NBAA (National Business Aviation
Association) in Atlanta, Georgia, Microturbo announced the launch of its
e-APU program, for a new Auxiliary Power Unit, specially designed and
optimized to meet the specific needs of the business aircraft market.

The key features of this new generation of Auxiliary Power Units are a streamlined
architecture with two axial turbine stages and a high pressure cycle based on
proven technologies, ensuring remarkable reliability, availability and performance.

The e-APU delivers electrical power ranging from 15 to 90 kWe, making it a perfect match for the requirements of future business jets with their higher demand for electrical power. It also boasts an extended operating envelope of up to 51,000 feet in flight, with a maximum starting altitude at 41,000 feet.

From the environmental standpoint, the e-APU features extremely low pollution and noise emission levels, plus a remarkable acoustic signature of less than 70 dB.

"The e-APU range materializes the ongoing diversification strategy initiated by
Microturbo. It benefits from research and technologies that have been validated for our entire range of civil and military programs, and it also draws on the experience of other companies in the SAFRAN group, particularly Turbomeca and Snecma,
" stated Jean-Louis Chenard, deputy general manager of Microturbo.

The e-APU is scheduled for its first run on the test bed at the end of 2008 and for
certification in 2011.

Microturbo, a SAFRAN Group company and subsidiary of Turbomeca, is specialized in the design, development and production of low- to-medium-power gas turbine systems. Its activity focuses on four product lines: turbojet engines for missiles and target drones, starting systems, on-board auxiliary power units for airplanes and helicopters, and ground power units and ground service units.

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