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Préparer l'avenir

Research and innovation are key to Safran Power Units' strategy and have received substantial human and financial backing since their inception. To prepare for the future and offer its customers more innovative and competitive products, the company invests 7% of its annual revenue in Research & Technology along with 200 engineers and technicians.

Safran Power Units conducts or participates in numerous R&T studies designed to develop new technologies for new generations of civil and military applications. Some of the work is self- financed, while other projects are regional, national or European funding.

Safran Power Units works in partnership with several different research centers: universities, laboratories and institutes, drawing on its own and Safran's networks.

Design, manufacture and testing work range from incremental technologies on gas turbine component or complete systems (turbojets, APUs, starting systems) to ground-breaking technologies and concepts outside the field of turbomachinery (Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality,...).

The subjects of focus cover thermodynamics, aerodynamics, aerothermics, mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, production methods, materials and processes and services.


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Our technologies


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Safran Power Units fully masters such cutting-edge technologies as air bearings, full containment, full of icing, shalf-mounted high-speed alternators with permanent or variable reluctance magnet, or windmilling prediction methods.

Safran Power Units invests in research on lightweight high temperature materials through partnerships to lighten its gaz turbines and significantly increase the power density.


Innovation at Safran


A state of mind anchored in technology excellence


Innovation plays a pivotal role at Safran. Essential to our competitiveness, it enables us to offer top-flight products in each of our business sectors – aerospace, defense, security – while also reducing development time and cost. Innovation also means developing safer, more environmentally-friendly air transport, as well as building state-of-the-art research centers. Innovation is also a state of mind, expressed through the sharing of expertise, based on a large number of partnerships and dynamic, successful employee-driven innovation initiative.


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