Basée à Toulouse en France, Microturbo SAS regroupe les activités de conception, de recherche, de développement, de ventes, de production et de réparation. Microturbo SAS dispose de vingt bancs d’essais.

Dans le cadre du développement d'un produit, vous assurez le lien entre les équipes de conception et les équipes de fabrication.

En phase développement, vous constituez le Dossier de Fabrication, définissez, réalisez ou faites réaliser les outillages (outils, bancs de tests...) nécessaires à la production.

En série, vous assistez la fabrication et vous optimisez le système de production.

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First person

Karine Soudan
Head of assembly/instrumentation – development 
"With Safran's new programs, the coming years will give us all the action we ever wanted!"


What is your job?
I'm in charge of assembly/instrumentation – development at Snecma's commercial engine division. We produce the very first examples of a new engine; in a sense, it's the bridge between the design office and production. 


What motivates you the most in your work?
Undoubtedly being able to participate in creating tomorrow' aircraft engines. All of our teams share this motivation, which springs from the fact that we give life to new engines and always have to carry out new tests, with constantly renewed challenges. From that standpoint, I'm reassured: with Safran's new programs, the coming years will give us all the action we ever wanted! 


Are you in contact with your international customers? 
Yes, of course, this job demands a high degree of availability. For instance, throughout the testing of the SaM146 engine powering Sukhoi's Superjet 100, our teams were frequently called to Russia, where the engine is assembled. Aviation is an international business par excellence. The major manufacturers, our partners and customers, are around the world, in Europe, Russia, China, North America, Brazil and more.

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