Integrated Logistics Support

To answer your missions, Safran Power Units support teams are involved from design to support operational service.

This approach is in constant optimization of maintenability and ownership costs from our products development.

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For business jets:
All geographic areas: +1 844-778-2497 as +1 844-SPU-24X7

ILS, Customer Technical Support section of Safran Power Units, is present from the initial development phase until the end of service delivery. It mission is structured around three axes:

  • Implementation of the Support System: the ILS team ensures the implementation of the support system for the new programs and maintaining it in operational condition, in line with the main system as required by our customers.

    The ILS system is mainly composed with:

    • Training
    • Support and Technical Assistance
    • Spare and AOG services distribution
    • Technical documentation and price list catalog
    • Tools and GSE
    • Innovative services
    • Packages
    • Overhaul and Repair Network
    • In-Service experience sharing

The whole component of this system must be operational at the Entry Into Service (EIS) of Safran Power Units systems.

  • Maintenability and repairability: our ILS team shares its knowledge in terms of in-service experience with the design team. It defines basic choices that will lead to maintenance strategies, ensuring the best operational availability with controlled costs and ensures that maintenability and repairability aspects are taken into account in development phase.
  • In-Service experience sharing: This section operates with fleet datas and returns repair stations to monitor the reliabilities and maintenance costs. Sharing this REX with the design offices is a structural input data for new developments.
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