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In the context of the Direction policy, you will define messages to internal and external populations. You will decide what media is the best utilized to convey the message.

You will manage the subcontracting of external projects. You will define and lead the creation of the website. You will define and control the budget.

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Alison Joly
Vice President, Communications / Morpho

"Safran's growth is in international markets, so it's only natural that our Group is open to a more diverse range of profiles."

Could you briefly describe your job?
As head of communications at Morpho, I'm in charge of both internal and external communications for the company, working closely with Safran Corporate Communications. I lead a team of 12 at Morpho headquarters, and in turn we coordinate a network of communications staff in over 40 countries. Our scope of action covers all aspects of the company's communications, for all channels, making our work highly varied.

What do you especially like about your job?
As I just mentioned, the broad range of issues and contributions: press relations, special events, digital, publications, HR communications, audiovisual, etc. You have to be extremely versatile. We also have a wealth of contacts. We work a lot with the sales & marketing people, but also with support functions, including human resources and continuous improvement, not to mention our development teams. I think that a good communications officer is by definition a generalist, who also has to understand technical issues.

As an American, do you find it easy working in a French company?
Safran's growth is in international markets, so it's only natural that our Group is open to more diverse range of profiles. And my career at Safran over the last fifteen years is a perfect example of this opening. 

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